I was never really a fan of traditional wedding albums. But I really love these wedding books. Beautiful, matte, thick paper. Clean and simple. Images can run through the crease line and aren’t affected by the fold. And most of all, I love making custom boxes for these books. Being an aspiring architect, hand crafting just about anything out of just about anything has always been a huge passion of mine.

The albums are printed on thick and durable matte photo paper. The pages lay flat for better viewing and displaying. Each album is designed to be between 70 and 100 pages to tell the full story of your wedding day, and even the album cover features an image from your wedding. After the wedding, I pre-design the album, while you get the full control during the revision process.

The size of the album is 28cm x 28cm, and smaller duplicate copies of the albums (19cm x 19cm) are also available.

These beautiful wishing bottle USBs hold all digital files from the wedding and a little note inside.